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Sunday Salon (NEW!)

Watch a professionally-filmed 40 to 50-minute video, then join the speaker for a live 30-minute VIP Q & A session via Zoom. Only $7 for the double-header event! Every Sunday at noon (Eastern time), 7pm in Israel.

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Video Series

Nine months of curated, 50-minute Jewish-interest video programs, complete with sourcesheets, publicity materials, and how-to timelines - all for only $200 per program.

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E-Cards & Gifts

Want to tell someone thank you, mazel tov, or happy Passover? Send video E-cards, and give the gift of Jewish learning to all your friends and family!

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Have an event coming up? Party? Bar / Bat Mitzvah? Wedding? Send video invitations, and give the gift of Jewish learning to all your guests.

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It's so easy you can do it standing on one foot:

  1. Choose from dozens of e-card and invitations for all occasions
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  4. Or send to as many as 1000 people (without a video) for just $18.