Nine months of curated, 50-minute Jewish-interest video programs, complete with sourcesheets, publicity materials, and how-to timelines - all for only $200 per program.

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Each month choose from three program tracks: text studies, social justice and politics.

Text Studies

Social Justice


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Learn to run a successful community event from start to finish with the JewFlicks "program-in-a-box" kit that includes:

  • Customized announcement flyers
  • Sourcesheets and handouts
  • "How to run the event" resource kit, including everything from childcare to food
  • Program timeline: When to do what for a successful program
  • How to make money on this event (including everything from ticketing to sponsorships)
  • Complete publicity kit (including press releases for local newspapers)
  • "How to attract crowds" resource kit
  • Post-program follow-on engagement suggestions
  • "Troubleshooting your projector" kit (for your technical team)
  • And more...

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Engage your audience: Bridge the demographic divide between younger and older while bringing your audience closer to Judaism and its most relevant topics.